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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday 14th, April


1.Q.I would like to place an order with Bolton Print but I am unsure of what my
memorial product will turn out like.

A.For peace of mind all customers will receive a proof of their design before its printed.
(all orders must be paid for in advance)

1a.Q.I would like to order a card different to your samples.
A. All our products are created from a blank canvas making it easy for us to design a card different to the samples displayed. (please note an extra charge will apply,
Please see our additional price page)

1b.Q.What format is my verse/poem to be supplied to Bolton Print
A. If you are supplying your own verses/poems please ensure that it is emailed to: and saved as a word document, please also ensure that you have proof read it prior to sending it as any corrections there after will be incur an additional charge.

1c.Q.Where can I view the prices and quantities on your site?.
A. Our print ready full price list is situated in the red box above View Image Gallery

2.Q. What is a "Colour Proof"?
A. A colour proof is a preview of your product sent via email so you can view it on your computer, it ensures that all information you have supplied to us for designing your product is correct before is printed.(please note:that screen resolutions(computer screen colours)will vary in quality from computer to computer).

3.Q. How do I order my free memorial sample pack?
A. You can order your free memorial sample pack by emailing,online through our contact page,over the telephone 01 838 88 10 or by collecting a pack in person at our store.
(Please note: by ordering through our website
you will have access to a greater selection of our images and verses's as they are updated on a regular basis).

4.Q. Can I place my memorial order in person at you store?
A. Customers are always welcome to place their memorial orders in person but a prior appointment in necessary as our work hours vary.

5.Q. Can I place my memorial order over the telephone?
A. Yes, all relevant details can be discussed over the phone with the photo(s) of the deceased sent to us via or by letter post to Bolton Print, Aughrim Lane Business Complex,Aughrim Street,Dublin 7,Ireland with payment made via credit/debit card.

6.Q.Is Bolton Print open on Saturday mornings?
A.Yes,we are open strictly by appointment only.

7.Q. How long does it take to receive my proof by email after sending in my order form to Bolton Print?
A. A proof can take anything up to a maximum of seven working days from receipt of your initial order which will depend on the complexity and volume of work that we are processing at any given time. Orders paid for by paypal may take longer to process.

8.Q. Can I purchase extra memorial cards from my original order?
A. Yes, all memorial orders are archived from when your initial order is completed and dispatched.

9.Q. How long does it take for my memorial order to be designed, proofed and printed from the date I submit it to Bolton Print?
A.It can take anything up to a maximum of ten working days which depends totally on the complexity of your order. An express design and printing service is available.

10.Q. Can I supply my own verse or verses to go on my memorial products?
A. Yes, you can supply your own verses.(an extra cost will apply)

11.Q. Can I see a colour printed proof of my memorial product aswell as receiving a free proof via email.?
A. Yes you have the option of ordering a printed colour proof.(A 20 euro charge will apply).

12.Q. What if I require my memorial order to be delivered before a specific date.?
A. It is very important for you to allow sufficient time when ordering your product because the design can take anything up to seven working days from receipt of your order and the printing can take anything up to a maximum of fifteen working days from your proof approval. An express service is available at an extra cost which will ensure that your product reaches you in time. (ROI only)

13.Q. Do I have to make a prior appointment if I want to place my memorial order in person?
A. Yes, We would highly recommend that you make an appointment prior to travelling, as our store can become very busy at certain times throughout the day plus it will save you any waiting time..

14.Q. What are the alternative ways for me to order memorial products from if I don’t want to place an order online?
A. You can print off our order form pages or simply take note of all relevant reference numbers and names from our image gallery and our verse’s list etc and forward same to us by letter post or email.

15.Q. Can I increase the quantity of my initial memorial order before it goes to print?.
A. Yes all quantities can be increased, however you must notify us within 3 working days from the date your initial order was submitted to Bolton Print or on the date of your proof approval. Order quantities cannot be decreased when ordered online.

16.Q. Why choose Bolton Print?.
A. The advantages of choosing Bolton Print is that all products are designed by fully qualified graphic designers and printed using only the very latest in digital technology combined with over two decades of experience in business and a 100% satisfaction rating.

17.Q.I received an email from Bolton Print but there was no proof attached.
A.Unfortuntely from time to time clients who have supplied us with certain email addresses have experienced problems receiving their attachments/proofs which sometimes can end up in their junk folder. You can notify us of this and an additional proof can be resent to an alternative email address.

18.Q. How do I pay for my memorial order if I don’t want to use your online payment system?.
A. All memorial orders must be paid for in full on the day of ordering and the credit card submitted by the customer for payment will be debit on the day of purchase, alternatively you can pay for your memorial order by sending us a cheque or postal order made payable to Bolton Print Ltd or pay by credit/debit card over the phone or by simply paying in person at our store.

19.Q. Can I telephone boltonprint for assistance if I am unsure of how to complete the order online form?.
A. Yes, you can phone us between the hours of 9am - 4pm to speak to a member of our sales team who will gladly answer any query that you may have.

20.Q. Can I get a spelling mistake that I have noticed on my proof corrected? A. Yes, simply email us with the correction(s) that is required and we will send you revised proof for your approval at no extra charge.(please read our T's&C's for further details)

21.Q. What is an In Memoriam card,Wallet card and a Bookmark?
A. These are printed memory cards that are used to celebrate a persons life after they have passed away by showing a photograph or photographs of the deceased person combined with their name, date of death, age etc and a poem or verse that their family etc feel is appropriate.

22.Q. Can I create my own product?
A. Yes, Simply do out a rough layout of what you require on your product and forward it to us by letterpost or email. (please note an extra charge may apply depending on what is required)
You can view our "How To Order" page for "creating your own" pricing or phone 01 838 88 10.

23.Q. Will my completed printed product have the Bolton Print watermark set in to the image as displayed in your image gallery?
A. All watermarks are removed from the image(s)before your product is printed.

24.Q. How do I give the photograph of the deceased person a file name?
A. Simply right click on the photograph of the deceased person and select rename this will enable you to type in their first and last name.

25.Q. What type of card does Bolton Print use to produce their memorial products?
A. All our memorial cards are printed on pure white heavy card derived from sustainable forests.

26.Q. How can I view my proof?
A. To view, you will need Acrobat Reader from Adobe, available to download for free at

27.Q.Can I supply my own photographic or scenic image?
A. Yes, Simply send them to us by email as a attachment or by hard copy in the post.Please note an extra charge will apply,you can view our "How To Order" page for our full "create your own" pricing or phone 01 838 88 10
28.Q. What are the Sat-Nav coordinates for Bolton Print Centre?
N53° 21.202 W006° 17.315

29.Q. Are envelopes included with my order?
A. Yes,all completed orders are accompanied by matching envelopes

30.Q. How safe is the information I supply to Bolton Print?
A.We use industry standard encryption methods to deter would-be hackers.'Encryption'turns your information into a special code that only Bolton computers can unscramble.

31.Q.Can I make changes to my artwork after receiving my proof?
A. All work is carried out from the instructions provided by the customer to Bolton Print Centre on the day of ordering or from receipt of their completed order form and all proofs are created and designed from these instructions. If any redesign, major alterations or extra additions (photos) etc, other than spelling mistakes caused in the design process are required in anyway whatsoever by the customer an extra charge will apply accordingly as additional computer time has to be allocated.
(Changes can be made free of change prior to the time of the customer receiving their proof only if the artwork was not started by our artwork department)

32.Q. Where is my Card Verification Code(CVC)?


CREDIT CARD SAFETY - For your added safety and security Bolton Print requires that you enter your verification code (CVC) which is sent to us separately when paying via credit card.


The CVC code is the last three-digit number which appears on the signature panel on the back of all Visa and Mastercard cards. See below for sample.


Credit card orders that do not include CVC codes will not be processed.




(Black coloured text) - THE CVC NUMBER OF YOUR CREDIT CARD.